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Building a Conscious Wardrobe

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Fashion isn't all fun and games; there is a true cost to the clothes that we wear. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world and many of the garment workers who produce the clothes we wear are not paid a living wage and work in horrible conditions.

We want to change the way people think about their clothes through our new publication 'Building a Conscious Wardrobe - And Other fun Things.' This beautiful publication is a cross between a book and a magazine and includes simple how-to tips for shopping, styling, caring and disposing of clothing and textiles in a more conscious way, profiles on ethical and sustainable designers, short essays, inspiring visual editorials and personal stories.

Written, edited and compiled by Emma Batchelor.
Illustrated by Lexi Keelan.
Designed by Lexi Keelan and Emma Batchelor.

Contributions from Lilah Gow, Chris Walsh, James Harber of Who Shot the Photographer, Nina Gbor, Sheena Ireland, Lori Ciccini, Lydia Downe, and Tracy Lee.

Profiles on Aymara Textiles, Blanc & White Collective, Cameron & James, Carlie Ballard, EDITION, Every Thread Counts, Gabrielle Spencer Bridal, Karen Lee, MAAK, Moonbird, Pure Pod, Rockstars and Royalty, Thunder Thighs / Infinite, Wombat & Poss and the Salvation Army.

Purchasing this publication supports the work of local creatives and will help spread this important message further.


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